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Speed mooting?


What does this mean?

Mooting whilst sprinting round the room? Mooting while on drugs? Mooting while talking as fast as humanly possible?

Fast talking??? (Thanks to lutzjwand flickr.com for pic)

Actually...as the name suggests, ‘speed mooting’ is shorter in speech and preparation time and requires less intense preparation than a standard moot. The majority of speed moots allow for five minutes per person and the problem is usually given two or three hours prior to the moot (although some may be given as much as a day in advance). Skeleton arguments do not need to be produced and, crucially, neither do bundles. Citing authorities is therefore not necessary, because you just can’t do it without a bundle.

What you still have to do is convey legal argument, which requires familiarity with the relevant case law etc but changing how you present that information in your speech:

For example, ‘The law of promissory estoppel was explained in the case of Central London High Trees House as…’

Thanks to Anita Rao for her incredibly useful note on this!