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The City University Law Society is run by students and is one of the largest societies by membership at City University.

Although the main body of its members is made up of aspiring lawyers, you do not have to be a law student to join the Society. The Law Society organises workshops for students, career opportunities, lectures, the latest news and advice. We are committed to run events relating to student skill development and employability. Nevertheless, the Law Society organises social events too.

The Law Society can help you build your CV, meet and socialise with fellow students interested in the law, and above all make the experience of developing your intellectual capacities all the more enjoyable.

The Law Society is currently sponsored by Accutrainee, Ashurst, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and The City Law School.

How do members rate our events?

Here are some recent testimonials from Law Society members on events they have attended:

How to make a great Vacation Scheme / TC Application – Jessica Booker

Having attended various workshops on completing training contract applications, I had expected it to be an evening where we would be bombarded with general information, much of which I would forget after having left the event. However, this event was eye opening to the sort of things that students, like myself, entirely miss in their submissions. Jessica Booker started off the workshop asking the audience if they had any particular questions in order to ensure her presentation would address all the concerns that students had in completing application forms. She then proceeded to describe the sort of mistakes that students typically made that would cost them a vacation scheme, giving extremely detailed examples of things we should avoid doing as applicants. She even went into a discussion of how exactly we could show case one of the most important skills that law firms look for-commercial awareness. She was extremely friendly, and open to answering any questions. I even approached her after the session asking her some questions related to my own CV. Using her tips and advice, I successfully managed to obtain a position with one of the leading law firms in the UK.

Kahroba Kajouri - GE LLB2

How to Succeed at Interview Stage and Assessment Centre – Tanim Zaman

I found the session in regards to approaching applications and assessment days the most useful, as it provided me with a clear structure on how to answer application questions. It also assisted my knowledge on what firms look for and how they assess you, so now I can tailor my answers to a clearer criteria.

Ayesha Sayeed – LLB2

Commercial Awareness Session – Clifford Chance

As a first year law student, I have had my fair share of insight evenings, presentations and open days at various firms, with the phrase ‘Commercial Awareness’ floating around in conversations.

Prior attending Clifford Chance ‘Insights into Commercial awareness’ led by Bethany Foote, I had a flimsy definition of the phrase and thought all that was required of me was to read The Guardian and keep up with the news. This session made me realise it was more complex than that.

Bethany organised a well-structured detailed session of what Commercial awareness really means and most importantly, what it means to her firm. The session was enlightening and unlike any insight evening I have attended because of how in-depth it was. This insight was an eye-opener and will prove useful when applying to the firm’s vacation scheme next year. The evening provided me with vital information I can use to my advantage and talk about during interviews with CC.

Christianah Babajide – LLB1

Negotiating Your Way To Success - Eversheds

I would like to thank the organisers of the event, the Law Society, for the encouraging and useful events they organised this year. The event started with an introduction to negotiation, followed with practical exercise for students to explore their negotiation skills. The event continued with presentation by the partner of different strategies individuals use in negotiation. This allowed us to assess our strategies and learn how we can use these when faced with a task in everyday life and in the future.

Further, students were presented with the key skills negotiators possess and this allowed students the opportunity to learn and develop these. I would encourage students to apply to similar event in the future, because it is an essential skill for students seeking the legal path.

As a final comment, such event did not only develop student’s awareness of negotiation but provided an opportunity to speak to representatives from law firms and they welcomed students approaching them.

Aya Alsheikhili - LLB3

Tax Litigation Workshop

The workshop was bluntly informative; something law students need to be given more of in the midst of the seemingly, always sugar-coated information we receive. The speaker gave an overview of what type of cases he dealt/deals within tax litigation (his area of expertise) and gave very honest advice on the journey to the profession and provided greater insight and a very real perspective of the existing yet increasingly competitive nature of the law industry. It was also nice to be able to relate to a speaker who feels "closer to home" as City is his alma mater also.

Cessiah Lopez - LLB2

A career in the Bar by Jacqueline Lean

The event with landmark chambers barristers was about what to do in university, pupillage applications and talking about what to do if you don't get a pupillage. I found the talk very good because it provided an interesting insight into the career of a barrister and not just how to apply for a mini-pupillage.

Jack Ford - LLB1

Journal Launch

It was well organised and I got the chance to network with trainees from Clifford Chance, Freshfields, and Accutrainee. I felt very proud of City University while I was at the launch. I look forward to attending The Law Society's events in the future!

Bilal Sacoor - LLB1

I felt proud to be part of City’s Law Society at this event. It has actually inspired me to take part in more extra-curricular activities in my near future. I was able to talk to Roy from Clifford Chance and gain an insight into the process of applying to become a Solicitor. This made me realise my goals are achievable and has motivated me to work harder in my academics.

Kanam Rosham - LLB1

I feel truly honoured to be part of the law society’s committee and I am proud that we were finally able to launch our Journal. Many thanks to the Senior Editors, Writers and most importantly, the Editor-in-Chief for making this happen. This achievement has inspired me to stay on the committee in my second year and work towards making the law society as successful as it has been this year.

Christianah Babajide - LLB1

This was an amazing event that was organised by the law society. As a member, I have been attending most of the professional and social events they have organised. The Journal Launch was very successful and a great idea. The articles were very engaging with current issues tackled and it was very thought provoking. Reading the submissions that have been written by LLB and GDL students is feeding me with some commercial awareness, which is something I lack. I cannot wait for #2 issue.

Sonia Niaz - LLB1

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