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Click the play button and wait a few seconds for the grey bar to load, then click the play button to progress through the prezi. Be patient - you'll know when it's ready to go as the title on the slideshow will sharpen up.

Big thanks to all those who took part in the Crown Office Moot and who agreed to let you learn from their experiences. They are listed below.

Sara Beech, George Fitzgerald, Gareth Thomas, Edward Waldegrave, Alistair Godwin, Rebecca Taverner, Daphne Stamatopoulos, Jada Badu-Animboah, James Bull, Samuel Phillips and Beatrice Riley.

Huge thanks are also due to those from Crown Office Chambers who not only gave up their time to judge the different stages of the moot but also allowed us to use the footage. We are grateful to:

Elizabeth Boon David Myhill Siobhan Lambertsen

A final thanks to The Hon Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart, who judged the final of the Crown Office Moot.