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Bundles (of fun)

Ah the bundle, at best an organised folder of authorities in full, complete with meticulous pagination and tabs, at worst a jumbled mess of random papers.

The 'right hand man' to any mooter, the bundle is a reflection on any mooter's ability; a disorganised bundle often equals a slapdash mooter. This won't impress any judge in the land. Our highly organised bunch share some tips and musings on the perfect bundle.

Aspects covered:

  • Timing - don't leave until the last minute
  • The mystery of the bundle tab shop
  • Highlighting
  • Contents page
  • Really? Copy the whole case?
  • Professionalism

Researching for a moot

Argghhh... Research is the scary bit. All kinds of things come to mind, mostly imagining being buried alive under a pile of books or finding yourself slumped over your laptop with the keyboard steaming.

The mooters talk through the use of primary and secondary sources and outline processes that worked for them.

Covered in this clip are:

  • Should you use google?
  • Keeping your head
  • Knowing when to stop
  • Read the problem!

I'm on the losing side - help!

It's crazy world out there - many a moot has been won despite having the so-called 'losing' side of the argument. Put simply it's far more difficult to win when you have the more 'backed-up' side of the argument.

The mooters cover:

  • Importance of flexibility
  • Two sides to every argument
  • Question even 'winning' authorities - have they been interpreted correctly?
  • Helpfulness of dissenting judgments
  • Detail - is the decision of the court binding or merely persuasive?

All our mooting clips were made with the help of our fantastic students - giving freely of their time to help others.

For the round-table discussion clips we thank our GDL students of 2009-2010: Andrew Barns-Graham, Thomas Bradfield, Tessa Buchanan, Anita Davies and Thomas Hope. Big thanks go to our top man behind the camera Steve Parkes.

The spoof clips were made with Mike Purdue (judge), Mike Clarke and Rob Tiffen many years ago.

The real action was filmed as part of our Crown Office Moot 2010-2011.

Big thanks to all those who took part: Sara Beech, George Fitzgerald, Gareth Thomas, Edward Waldegrave, Alistair Godwin, Rebecca Taverner, Daphne Stamatopoulos, Jada Badu-Animboah, James Bull, Samuel Phillips and Beatrice Riley.

Huge thanks are also due to those from Crown Office Chambers who not only gave up their time to judge the different stages of the moot but also allowed us to use the footage. We are grateful to:

Elizabeth Boon David Myhill Siobhan Lambertsen

A final thanks to The Hon Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart, who judged the final of the Crown Office Moot and Steven McCombe for his filming expertise and tireless editing.