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First year reflections?

We got some of our first year students together to talk about what it's actually like being a law newbie. Watch the videos of the roundtable to see if they can set your mind at ease and give you some tips. (Watch the videos in order, from left to right!)

See if you can identify with these fears!

Listen to Verity, Matthew, Ali, Abeer and Clare talking about their reflections at the end of their first year on the LLB. Vanessa also chips in with her reflections from a final year point of view.

Learn about:

  • The study'
  • Independence
  • Being a mature student
  • Going from full-time work back to education

How do you prepare for lectures and tutorials?

Verity tries to convince us that law isn't dry at all....

The wisdom of sharing the workload with your friends.

The joy of heated debate in tutorials.

The scourge of the non-contributing peers.

The fun of being able to think independently for once!

Scared about speaking out in tutorials?

This clip covers the following:

Man up!

Are you contributing?

Quiet in tutorials?

Should lecturers pick on students for answers?

Why choose City?

Let's hear it!



Employment prospects?

My friends went there?

Is the LLB what you thought you would be?

For better or for worse?

Hear about what's been tough, what subject has lit Verity's fire and how many other disciplines form part of the study of law.

Toughest challenge in the first year?

Resisting the Saddlers Bar?

Reading hundreds of pages per week?

How much support did you receive from the Law School?

The students talk about the help they received during their first year...

What was important to them?

What made a difference?

What do you think about Lawbore?

Heard about Lawbore but not sure how important it is? See what the students think about this City resource...

[*Note* no bribery was required]

How did you cope with your first experience of a lecture?

Are you wondering:

  • How much do I write down?
  • Will I be picked on?
  • How will I stay awake?
  • What are the perils of missing one?

Find out how the students felt - what their preconceptions were, and how the dynamics between lectures and tutorials work.

Useful videos for those of you whose only experience of a lecture is ...from your dad! [Credit: Abeer]

A massive thanks to Verity Coutts, Matthew Toms, Ali Gokal, Abeer Sharma, Vanessa Crook and Clare Norrish.

They gave freely of their time to help new law students - thanks guys:-)

Apart from Vanessa (graduated 2010) these students all graduated from the LLB at City in July 2012.