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Seminars are where you get to play a part in the comprehension process; this is not meant to be simply a lecture with a smaller group. At its best, the seminar is a great sounding board for ideas, with all participants taking a role and the tutor guiding.

The purpose

  • to explore the taught issue(s) in greater depth
  • to clarify certain points and improve understanding by:
    • asking questions
    • exchanging opinions
  • to engage in critical analysis and legal writing by dealing with the questions set in advance

How to gain the maximum benefit from your seminars

A. Preparation

  • Undertake the required preparation in advance.
  • Identify any unclear issues that can be raised in the tutorial.
  • Make suitable notes, without rewriting the content of the textbook.
  • Note down useful structures of how to approach a topic.
  • Focus on how the law should be applied.

B. Participation

Take part! Thanks to Jelle Vermeiren
  • Voice your thoughts!
  • Contribute to the group discussions, by putting forward counter arguments.
  • Prepare thoroughly to bolster your confidence.
  • Benefit from the expertise of your tutor.

Thanks to Alex Antoniou, PhD Research Student at The City Law School for this contribution.