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...What's in it for me??

Everyone recognises that joining a committee is good for your CV, but is it really as cut-and-dried as that; are there other benefits? Let’s hear from 5 members of the current City University Law Society organising committee:

Mohini Sarita Mann – Interim President 2016-17

I’m Mohini, a mature 3rd year LLB student at the City University of London. Prior to university life, I was flying the world as an Air Hostess for British Airways before making the switch to student life in pursuit of a career in law, government and politics. I am currently the interim President for City Uni Law Soc until we hold elections for the next president. I have the rewarding but challenging task of leading the committee in our projects, getting things organised and helping our ideas come to fruition. One of the main reasons why I joined City Uni Law Soc was because I find a work and social balance imperative to make the most of university life. Law Soc has given me the opportunity to meet lots of like-minded people who see the university as more than just getting a degree. I would definitely encourage law students to get involved with Law Soc. There are so many roles and opportunities to get involved so don’t be shy! Put yourself forward by coming along to events and chatting to the team and we will do our best to find a way to get you involved. We are all about inclusion at the Law Soc and it is a very rewarding experience to be a part of something bigger. Here at Law Soc, we proudly encourage each other and bring out the best in one another.

Christianah Babajide – Communications Officer 2016-17

Hello! My name is Christianah Babajide, I am a second-year law student at the City University of London. Outside law, I enjoy writing poetry and playing the piano. I am the Communications Officer of the law society for this academic year. My role is centralised around liaising with members of the committee and ensuring members of the society are kept in the loop of any professional or social events happening. One of the main reasons why I joined Law Soc was because having sat as Secretary on last year’s committee, I saw Law Soc as something I wanted to carry on. I really liked how the Communication’s Team utilised social media to communicate with their members last year so I ran for Communications Officer and the rest is history! One of my favourite things about Law Soc is definitely the people. Having the opportunity to be a part of an equal group of talented people has not only helped me develop as a person but has also enhanced my student experience, here at City.

Tuna Knt – Finance Officer 2016-17

Hello! I’m Tuna from LLB2. I’m from Turkey and have been living in London for three years. I aim to continue my academic future in London with a postgraduate course. I am the Finance Officer of City University Law Society this academic year. My involvement with the Law Society started last year when I became the social media volunteer and helped out with the social events. This year, I joined because I know how much potential the society has and I am ready to help achieve more! City Uni Law Soc is the biggest society on campus and we need many volunteers and members to achieve our goals. I would advise the students to definitely become members and let us know if they wish to get more involved in the society and how they would add on to the society. We’re always open to recruiting more people!  My favourite thing about Law Soc has to be the social aspect of it. I see Law Soc as a great way to meet other students who are studying or interested in law. Especially for freshers, it is an opportunity to learn more about the course and meet new people!

Jawaad Ashraf – Vice President 2016-17

My name is Jawaad Ashraf and I am a third year LLB Hons student at The City Law School. I am also the Vice President of the law society this year. Confident, ambitious and keen; these are a few words that describe me. Apart from academic work I enjoy a range of sports especially swimming and cycling. I am the Vice President of the law society and my job is to assist the president in the day to day work. From coming up with ideas to preparing venues, my job is all rounded. As the Vice President, I delegate different responsibilities to the members of our committee and make sure the society is run smoothly. One of the reasons why I joined Law Soc is because from a young age I have always been involved in extracurricular activities to better the environment around me and my peers. Whether it was at my school, my local community or even place of worship, I would make sure I was a part of the engine driving it forward. Joining the law society enabled me to give students more than just lectures and tutorials but practical advice, social events and a voice for the students. 

Lauren Gleaves – Assistant-Vice President 2016-17

My name is Lauren Gleaves. I am a 3rd year LLB. I’ve been living in London for 3 years now but I’m originally from Preston (up north). I am Assistant-Vice President of the City Uni Law Soc. I chose to join the law society because I really enjoyed lots of the events last year and wanted to help out to make the society even stronger this year. Being in the society is a great way to develop many employability skills and also looks great on your CV. For the new cohort of freshers coming in this year, I would recommend getting an insight into the society by attending a variety of events to see what the society is doing. Then I would say just show enthusiasm for wanting to get involved- it worked for me. Last but not least, my favourite thing about the society is how easy it makes it get to know other people from all years doing law, as well as some lovely law society members from different courses. The socials are a great place to let off some steam and relax with other people who know the struggle of our reading lists.

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